Go East, Young Writer! Journalism Salaries in Canada

The numbers are surprising. Canadian journalism salaries are bucking the nation’s salary trends, with the industry’s top earners coming out of eastern cities like Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal.

Canadian salaries are higher in nearly all industries in boom provinces like Alberta. Yet the eastern Canadian journalists are making significantly more on average than their western counterparts. The lowest ten percent of Canadian journalists in Calgary earn a paltry $12.85 per hour compared to the lowest ten percent of Montreal journalists, who rake in $17.00 per hour on average.

This trend could be explained by the fact the largest employment sectors for journalists are the information and cultural industries. Older and more well-established cities like Toronto and Montreal are famous for their rich arts and cultural scenes. Smaller and newer western cities, such as Calgary, have yet to establish themselves as cultural destinations.

According to the latest figures, a standard full-time salary for journalists in Canada floats between $40,000-$50,000 a year, or $20-$30 hourly on average. The top earners in Toronto and Montreal, however, enjoy salaries of $67-$70,000 per annum.

While journalism careers themselves can vary greatly, this most recent study has shown the wide variety of demand across the industry. Popular job titles in Canada are journalist, reporter, correspondent, columnist, and newspaper critic.


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